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About Me

I started this web site as a place to post the photos I've taken on my various adventures and blog entries from a few years I spent touring the deserts of the southwestern United States on a motorcycle.

The motorcycle is gone now, the result of a collision with a deer (which is why my travelogue abruptly ends, some day I'll get around to writing about that), but the broken bones have healed and I'm off on other pursuits. I currently live on a sailing yacht somewhere along on the East coast of the United States. Beyond motorcycling and sailing I enjoy backpacking, rock and ice climbing, scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking, skiing, and just about anything else that involves having fun in scenic places.

Most of my photography is of the landscape variety, and I’ll take picture of whatever interesting plants and animals I stumble across. I carry a Sony NEX-7 with an 18-200mm zoom, a 16mm prime, and a 10mm fisheye converter. This gives me the picture quality and flexibility to change lenses like on an SLR without having to lug around a huge camera body, which can be difficult when backpacking or motorcycling where space is limited.

Professionally I am an information security consultant which involves quite a bit of travel within the US and occasionally international as well. If I’m traveling somewhere interesting for work I can usually manage to take a few days off to go sightseeing on my own so I’ve been fortunate to see much of the world with someone else paying most of the travel expenses. The flexibility of consulting work also affords me the opportunity to work from nearly anywhere I can get Internet access so I have been able to be nomadic while continuing to work remotely when it suits me.

Might as well start this off right with some gratuitous hero shots so here we go with what I've got from a decade's worth of adventures:
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