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Low Point

Ruined Car
Riding through Death Valley with visits to abandoned mines and ghost towns.
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A Tough Life in Paradise

Havasu Falls
Visiting the Havasupai, their village, and waterfalls.
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The World Needs More Art Deco

Hoover Dam
Sightseeing around Hoover Dam.
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The Spaces Inbetween

Hurricane Cliffs
Riding out of House Rock Road in the snow, through Page, the House Rock Valley, and to Las Vegas Bay.
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If at first you don’t succeed… Air down and try again

The Wave
Back on the bike, riding to Kanab and down House Rock Road, hiking The Wave and the start of Wire Pass.
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Back to Civilization

Ride into Las Vegas, temporary break.
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Wagon has broken an axle, lose 2 days

Attempt to get to The Wave, broken clutch on House Rock Road.
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Exposure Part Deux

The Watchtower
Zion’s tunnel, more pictures from the Coyote Gulch hike, and more musings on wilderness ethics.
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Zion Stars
Climbing Angels Landing in Zion National Park and musings on wilderness ethics. Read More…

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Desert Hare
Riding down the Hole in the Rock Road, hiking in Coyote Gulch, and sunset in Bryce Canyon.
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Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

Capitol Reef
Through Capitol Reef National Park to Escalante.
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Moving On

Late Moon
A night in Arches National Park, and another Moab area trail.
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Unfinished Business

Delicate Arch
Sunset hike to Delicate Arch.
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Third Time's the Charm

Long Canyon
Testing the bike on the off-road trails around Moab.
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Over the Mountains

Book Cliffs
Riding out of Salt Lake to Moab via Spanish Fork Canyon.
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Welcome to Utah

Wasatch Range
Start of the trip in Salt Lake City.
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San Francisco

Bridge Across the Clouds
I went to an event for work that involved sailing in San Francisco Bay. I also managed to take a side trip up into the Marin Headlands on a foggy day to take some pictures of the bay area and the old fortifications that guarded the bay. Read More…

Half Dome

Just Rainbows
I was in San Francisco for work and brought my backpacking gear along so I could do a side trip into Yosemite. When I arrived in the park I was lucky enough to get a same-day backcountry permit to head out from Glacier Point into Little Yosemite Valley and then up Half Dome via the cables. I spent 2 nights camped in Little Yosemite and exited via the John Muir Trail into Yosemite Valley at Happy Isles.
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