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Mt Whitney

Owens Valley

Heading out to Owens Valley to meet up with Rob and Steph for some climbing.9kml1OXYQcSduf8yGAiQlQ_thumb_5981 Read More…

Sierra Nevada Circumnavigation

Driving around the Sierra Nevada20160724-13 Read More…

High Sierra Trail

Hiking the High Sierra Trail, from Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal.20170812-5 Read More…

Top of the Country

Summit Portrait
The final push to the summit of Mt Whitney.
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Marmot Country

Consultation Lake
Pushing up the trail towards Mt Whitney to establish a base camp for the summit bid.
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Movie Country

Mt Whitney
Crossing through the Alabama Hills and camping out at Whitney Portal, the last night before starting the climb of Mt Whitney.
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On the Edge

Mt Whitney
Riding up to Cerro Gordo and through the Owens Valley past Mt Whitney. Walking around Manzanar.
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Mt Whitney Trail
Hike at the base of Mt Whitney.
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Dante's View
Death Valley and the Owens Valley.
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