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Yosemite National Park

Volcano Tour

A long road trip for Las Vegas to Seattle with the ultimate goal of climbing Mt Baker.3m4JMRrCT0+iFCjs%Yut2Q_thumb_5825 Read More…

Southern California

Looping from Yosemite to the Mojave and back.
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Sierra Nevada Circumnavigation

Driving around the Sierra Nevada20160724-13 Read More…

Back in the Sand

Tufa and Sierras
Crossing back over the Sierras at night to see Mono Lake.
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Lots of Sierra, Not Much Nevada

Half Dome
Crossing Tioga Road through the Sierra Nevada on New Years Day, spending the night in Yosemite’s Camp 4.
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Half Dome

Just Rainbows
I was in San Francisco for work and brought my backpacking gear along so I could do a side trip into Yosemite. When I arrived in the park I was lucky enough to get a same-day backcountry permit to head out from Glacier Point into Little Yosemite Valley and then up Half Dome via the cables. I spent 2 nights camped in Little Yosemite and exited via the John Muir Trail into Yosemite Valley at Happy Isles.
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