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Sightseeing in Scotland
Pack Horse Bridge Read More…

Back to Las Vegas

Mojave Sunset
Riding from San Diego to Las Vegas across the Mojave Read More…

Southern California Loop

Sunset Beach
Riding from San Jose to San Diego and then driving up along the Sierras, across Death Valley, and out to Joshua Tree Read More…

Hurricane Sandy

Running from Hurricane Sandythe-rest-of-the-hoboken-marina-didnt-fare-so-well Read More…

To The Pacific

Ballarat Truck
Riding from Las Vegas to San Jose Read More…

Top of the Country

Summit Portrait
The final push to the summit of Mt Whitney.
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Marmot Country

Consultation Lake
Pushing up the trail towards Mt Whitney to establish a base camp for the summit bid.
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Movie Country

Mt Whitney
Crossing through the Alabama Hills and camping out at Whitney Portal, the last night before starting the climb of Mt Whitney.
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High Country

Horseshoe Meadows Camp
Spending some time enjoying the scenery and adjusting to altitude high in the Sierras.
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Bat Country

Arriving in Las Vegas and heading for Death Valley.
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Kaaterskill Falls
A few short day hikes near Kaaterskill Falls.
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Aerial Survey

Muley Point to Monument Valley
Another flight home, directly over the places we had just been.
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Monument Valley
Returning to pavement and returning home.
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Southern Utah Direct

Ancient Ruins
Driving across Southern Utah via the direct route.
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A run-in with Thelma.
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More Canyons

Paria Ghost Town
Sightseeing in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
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Wet Canyons

Zion Narrows
Backpacking the Zion Narrows.
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Big Canyons

Weeping Rock
Hiking around Zion National Park.
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Entering Planet Utah

Echo Bay
Start of another trip into Utah's deserts.
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Riga Plateau

Bash Bish
A couple of pictures from a day hike on the Riga Plateau.
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Singapore and Hong Kong

Singapore Orchids
A 2 week trip to Singapore and Hong Kong via the North Pole.
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Sierra Escarpment
Flying over southern Utah, the Mojave, and the Sierras on my way to meetings, taking pictures of the places I’ve been riding and hiking in since November.
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Another Ending

Hite Crossing Bridge
Back in Las Vegas putting the bike into storage, pictures of bridges from along the way.
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Climbing In

Spooky Gulch
Hiking in Peek-A-Boo and Spooky Gulch slot canyons and riding west to avoid a snowstorm.
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The Road Retaken

Metate Arch
Riding down the Hole in the Rock Road to Devils Garden.
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Outbreak of Normalcy

Swap Mesa
Riding across the Burr Trail to Escalante.
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Navigational Issues

Valley of the Gods
Riding through Monument Valley, the Valley of the Gods, up the Moki Dugway to Muley Point.
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Familiar Terrain

Four Peaks
Riding down the back of the Mazatzals and then back to Sedona’s red rocks.
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Gold Fever

Superstition Moonrise
Hiking in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix before riding out the Apache Trail to Lake Roosevelt and then up to the top of the Mazatzal Mountains.
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Up a Creek

El Oso Road
Climbing up Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff and then looping back down to the mountains east of Phoenix.
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Where We Left Off

Picking back up in Las Vegas, putting better tires on the bike, and riding through the mountains to Sedona to test them out.
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And Then Things Got Weird

Desert Burros
Riding through Saline Valley and visiting the Warm Springs.
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Back in the Sand

Tufa and Sierras
Crossing back over the Sierras at night to see Mono Lake.
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Lots of Sierra, Not Much Nevada

Half Dome
Crossing Tioga Road through the Sierra Nevada on New Years Day, spending the night in Yosemite’s Camp 4.
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On the Edge

Mt Whitney
Riding up to Cerro Gordo and through the Owens Valley past Mt Whitney. Walking around Manzanar.
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