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Volcano Tour

A long road trip for Las Vegas to Seattle with the ultimate goal of climbing Mt Baker.3m4JMRrCT0+iFCjs%Yut2Q_thumb_5825 Read More…

Owens Valley

Heading out to Owens Valley to meet up with Rob and Steph for some climbing.9kml1OXYQcSduf8yGAiQlQ_thumb_5981 Read More…

Weekend in Aruba

A quick jaunt to Aruba with Alex to check out the island and plan some future diving trips.d6LvpRhvSNibjSRK848hTg_thumb_5720
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Canyon Country

Hiking in Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion.DSC04246 Read More…

Mecca Hills

Exploring slot canyons along the San Andreas Fault.
Pouroff Read More…

Cottonwood Pass

Backpacking in the southern Sierra Nevada
Siberian Outpost Read More…

Death Valley Spring

Another short jaunt out to Death Valley and the eastern Sierras.
Bighorn Read More…


Doing the Golden Triangle in Iceland, plus some glacier climbing.Gullfoss Read More…

Southern California

Looping from Yosemite to the Mojave and back.
Horsetail Fall Read More…


Winter hiking and skiing near Salt Lake City
Hungry Hungry Bison - Version 2 Read More…

Joshua Tree

Climbing in Joshua Tree
White Tank Campground Read More…

Columbia River Gorge

Multnomah Falls and other sights around Columbia River Gorge20161111-5 Read More…

Sierra Nevada Circumnavigation

Driving around the Sierra Nevada20160724-13 Read More…

High Sierra Trail

Hiking the High Sierra Trail, from Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal.20170812-5 Read More…

Birch Hollow Canyoneering

Descending Birch Hollow, just outside Zion National Park
20170801-22 Read More…

Huntington Ravine Drone

Flying a drone around Harvard Cabin and Huntington Ravine
20170402-4 Read More…

One Sunny Day in Scotland

Carrick Castle
Some pictures from the hills of Scotland Read More…

Windham High Peak

Pictures from a hike in the Catskills
Dam Crossing Read More…

Back to Las Vegas

Mojave Sunset
Riding from San Diego to Las Vegas across the Mojave Read More…

Top of the Country

Summit Portrait
The final push to the summit of Mt Whitney.
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Marmot Country

Consultation Lake
Pushing up the trail towards Mt Whitney to establish a base camp for the summit bid.
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Kaaterskill Falls
A few short day hikes near Kaaterskill Falls.
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More Canyons

Paria Ghost Town
Sightseeing in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
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Wet Canyons

Zion Narrows
Backpacking the Zion Narrows.
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Big Canyons

Weeping Rock
Hiking around Zion National Park.
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Riga Plateau

Bash Bish
A couple of pictures from a day hike on the Riga Plateau.
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Climbing In

Spooky Gulch
Hiking in Peek-A-Boo and Spooky Gulch slot canyons and riding west to avoid a snowstorm.
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The Road Retaken

Metate Arch
Riding down the Hole in the Rock Road to Devils Garden.
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Gold Fever

Superstition Moonrise
Hiking in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix before riding out the Apache Trail to Lake Roosevelt and then up to the top of the Mazatzal Mountains.
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A Tough Life in Paradise

Havasu Falls
Visiting the Havasupai, their village, and waterfalls.
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If at first you don’t succeed… Air down and try again

The Wave
Back on the bike, riding to Kanab and down House Rock Road, hiking The Wave and the start of Wire Pass.
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Exposure Part Deux

The Watchtower
Zion’s tunnel, more pictures from the Coyote Gulch hike, and more musings on wilderness ethics.
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Zion Stars
Climbing Angels Landing in Zion National Park and musings on wilderness ethics. Read More…

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Desert Hare
Riding down the Hole in the Rock Road, hiking in Coyote Gulch, and sunset in Bryce Canyon.
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Moving On

Late Moon
A night in Arches National Park, and another Moab area trail.
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Unfinished Business

Delicate Arch
Sunset hike to Delicate Arch.
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Half Dome

Just Rainbows
I was in San Francisco for work and brought my backpacking gear along so I could do a side trip into Yosemite. When I arrived in the park I was lucky enough to get a same-day backcountry permit to head out from Glacier Point into Little Yosemite Valley and then up Half Dome via the cables. I spent 2 nights camped in Little Yosemite and exited via the John Muir Trail into Yosemite Valley at Happy Isles.
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Mt Whitney Trail
Hike at the base of Mt Whitney.
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Ooh Aah Point
Hike down the South Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch and back up via the Bright Angel Trail.
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New Years Eve at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
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Spending the night at Grand Canyon’s South Rim and getting a wilderness permit.
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