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Mojave Desert

Joshua Tree, Trona, and Death Valley

Attempting to dodge the winter cold by heading to the desert for some climbing, and getting snowed on in Death Valley instead.
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Owens Valley

Day hiking in Death Valley and Owens Valley
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Death Valley Spring

Another short jaunt out to Death Valley and the eastern Sierras.
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Southern California

Looping from Yosemite to the Mojave and back.
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Joshua Tree

Climbing in Joshua Tree
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Death Valley Superbloom

A rare superbloom in Death Valley20160305-9 Read More…

Back in the Dust

Trona PinnaclesGetting back on the road and riding from San Diego to Las Vegas Read More…

Back to Las Vegas

Mojave Sunset
Riding from San Diego to Las Vegas across the Mojave Read More…

Southern California Loop

Sunset Beach
Riding from San Jose to San Diego and then driving up along the Sierras, across Death Valley, and out to Joshua Tree Read More…

To The Pacific

Ballarat Truck
Riding from Las Vegas to San Jose Read More…

High Country

Horseshoe Meadows Camp
Spending some time enjoying the scenery and adjusting to altitude high in the Sierras.
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Bat Country

Arriving in Las Vegas and heading for Death Valley.
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Entering Planet Utah

Echo Bay
Start of another trip into Utah's deserts.
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Where We Left Off

Picking back up in Las Vegas, putting better tires on the bike, and riding through the mountains to Sedona to test them out.
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And Then Things Got Weird

Desert Burros
Riding through Saline Valley and visiting the Warm Springs.
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On the Edge

Mt Whitney
Riding up to Cerro Gordo and through the Owens Valley past Mt Whitney. Walking around Manzanar.
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Low Point

Ruined Car
Riding through Death Valley with visits to abandoned mines and ghost towns.
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The World Needs More Art Deco

Hoover Dam
Sightseeing around Hoover Dam.
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The Spaces Inbetween

Hurricane Cliffs
Riding out of House Rock Road in the snow, through Page, the House Rock Valley, and to Las Vegas Bay.
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Back to Civilization

Ride into Las Vegas, temporary break.
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Driving home.
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Dante's View
Death Valley and the Owens Valley.
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Mojave Desert
Driving across the Mojave.
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